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domingo, 7 de agosto de 2011

Porque todas las palabras que buscas estan en el aire. Porque cada letra que buscas al escribir se encuentra alrededor de forma invisible. Cada idea se respira, la inspiración electrifica el alma a traves de los sentidos...

sábado, 6 de agosto de 2011

New York City.

I have a great new to tell you. In more less 30 days i will be in New York City. I won fanta's contest. It was a hardest month. I couldnt do a lot of things that was on my mind but it was worth. Now im so happy i have a lot of ideas to do. You know New York city is more than a big and beautiful words. I promised lot of photographs,frames,seconds,video secuences. Sorry for not uploading new things these months. I really feel so bad not doing what i love to do. You know. When i stop making new worlds my soul stops too at the same time. Sometimes i think that i need to create these worlds to live and feel the real one.

Dreams come true if you want...

From this i have to tell too that thank you to all my followers in facebook,flirck,deviantART etc.I have learned from lot of people seeing their works, seeing into their soul just the word "beautiful"

I just wanna tell the world that i'm so happy being into it.